Art Stop

Campus District Inc.
Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Fabrication, Insallation

Collaboration with:
Rachel Oscar, Project Manager with Campus District Inc.
Steve Manka, Fabrication, Installation, Collaborator
Winter 2018

The Art Stop is a community-led initiative to design, construct, and install a prototype bus shelter art gallery in the emerging St. Clair-Superior Arts District. The project received funding through a grassroots IOBY campaign and consists of an aluminum frame attached to an existing RTA bus shelter and seeks to create a distinct visual identity for transit shelters in the arts corridor.

The form of the shelter was generated in response to stringent constraints set out by the RTA to ensure rider safety and shelter transparency while minimizing potential damage to the existing aluminum frame.

Two diverging sweeping arcs imply a sense of motion and dynamism without occluding views of oncoming traffic while referencing the arched windows of the adjacent Wooltex Factory Artspace. The vibrant blue color of the frame was inspired by views of Lake Erie and selected to contrast with the primarily dark brick warehouses that surround the street. Small planters cap the top and side of the shelter and help educate waiting transit riders about the importance of stormwater mitigation and the resilience of native species.

The structural connection details and fabrication drawings were completed with local artist Steve Manka and later assembled in his Suprior-St. Clair studio. Final installation is scheduled for early spring 2019.