Ballston Quarter Bridge 

Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

Located in the heart of Arlington’s growing live-work community, the Ballston Quarter Pedestrian Bridge replaces an aging span between two existing buildings and operates as a marquee designed to reflect the dynamism, energy, and contemporary aspirations of the city.

The sweeping, multi-faceted form of the bridge was developed from 4 principal sections with the intention of engaging the entire block- both inside and outside of the bridge- and creating an iconic community gathering space. Through an iterative parametric design process we were able to respond to and optimize the design despite a myriad of different site constraints, including clearances and material cost, without sacrificing form or function. The laminated wood ceiling of the bridge is oriented to be visible to passers-by on the street and perforated to express the geometry of the structural members and moment forces of the bridge’s spine. The bridge’s non-planar surfaces and the functional requirements of adjoining two existing buildings required the development of many non-standard details, while the location of the bridge over a major thoroughfare required the span to be constructed off-site and installed overnight with a crane.

Bridge Construction 3.jpg
bridge construction 1.jpg