Disco Cave 

Front Studio Architects
Lead Designer for Disco Cave Installation
Assisted with Conceptual Design for Exhibition
Light and sound design collaboration with ULR Studio/Jake Marsico
Spring 2017

Commissioned to anchor the entrance hall of the Heinz Architectural Center for Action Ideas Architecture: Arthur Lubetz/Front Studio, the affectionately named “Disco Cave” maximizes its modest budget by taking advantage of the structural qualities of corrugated cardboard and the flexibility of binder clips as a universal fastener. The self-supporting structure is punctuated by ¼” gaps that allow spotlights to illuminate visitors as they pass through the structure, while the kaleidoscopic coloration allows the surfaces to dance in and out of prominence within the vibrant gallery space.

Designed with an iterative, parametric workflow, the Disco Cave synthesizes Arthur Lubetz’s theoretical writings on embodied experience and incompletion into an engaging architectural space. In stepping through and around the gallery, your preconception of the architecture exhibition as a singular visual experience is expanded into something far more engaging and personal. With subtle changes in the spaces and with your senses, you develop a heightened awareness of an embodied architectural experience.

Art Lubetz-Action-Ideas-Architecture-25.jpg
Art Lubetz-Action-Ideas-Architecture-35.jpg
sensory diagram draft2.jpg