Villa Zarri Brewery

2016 Young Architects Competition
5 Days, Winter 2017

The Villa Zarri Experiential Beer Garden is a destination brewery, education center, gift shop, and restaurant located on an old vineyard outside Bologna, Italy. The project consists of a massive public tasting hall and brewery inserted into an existing vaulted aging warehouse. Conceived of as a series of cinematic experiences stitched together by programmatic overlaps, the beer hall incorporates a vertical, cantilevered hop farm marquis and a rooftop wheat farm to combine sensory experience with architectural spectacle.

The experience culminates with a temple-like brewery in the back of the beer hall. Parametrically arrayed brick modules increase in porosity as apertures widen, creating a gradient from dark to light. The southern wall shrouds the fermentation tanks in gold and dark red light, casing colorful patterns of light across the monochromatic space that recall the many hues of beer.

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Interior Render Beer Hall.jpg